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Zinc production: pH analyzers for the purification processes.

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Purification stage outdoor installation

Process description:
This process has three stages: Copper pre-precipitation, cobalt precipitation and polishing.
There are two pH analyzers in the copper pre-precipitation stage. In this process the pH is controlled automatically before the zinc dust is added using a controller and a valve which adds spent acid. The pH is also controlled after the addition of zinc just by means of a second controller for the spent acid valve number two. The pH in the polishing stage is measured.

pH range: 3-4.5 pH. Flow:  200 to 300 m/h. Number of analyzers: 3

Purification stage copper removal

pH analyzer, measures the pH after adding zinc dust, used for automatic pH control.

Purification polishing stage

pH analyzer, measures the pH after the polishing step.

Model PH-130 pH analyzer after 15 years of operation. The analyzer measures the pH before adding zinc dust, and it is used for automatic pH control.